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If you are contemplating to adopt a dog and you are the type of person who does not want to have an energetic pooch, you need to choose breeds which typically won’t require you to move actively.

While most dogs are very active animals and they run more often than not, there are still pooches who just like humans are somehow lazy to even walk. Here is the list of dog breeds you could choose from if you would just like to sit around with your pooch.

English Bulldogs

This breed of dog is best known for their super sweet demeanor. They are almost always snuggle-ready because of their chubby physique. As a burly breed, English Bulldogs have very low endurance and low maintenance.

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More than this, the English Bulldogs could not stay outside of the house if it is too hot or too cold. This makes them ideal as a house or an indoor pet. They are also a win-win for individuals who are somehow lazy to walk them outside because they too prefer to just sit or sleep.

Basset Hound

Because of their stocky and short legs and big physique, basset hounds do not require a lot of running. While they are expected to be hunters because of their physical attributes, this bred is rather calm and easygoing and is best fit for people who just want to chill inside their houses.

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This dog breed is perfect for a cuddle and sitting because of their attribute as a literal lapdog. Pekingese is a type of dog breed, which does not need high maintenance, unlike other big dogs. This breed likewise won’t require heavy exercise because they only eat less.

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Chow Chow

Perhaps one of the cutest dog breeds there is, the Chow Chow is a fat dog breed. Because of their big size, Chow Chows are often at home because they also hate running or roaming around the neighborhood. This dog breed would rather sleep and eat at home rather than play outside the house.

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