A Chihuahua named Lundy, who is unable to walk and a pigeon named Herman, who cannot fly, have become really close friends, and both of them have also become internet sensations. The photos of the duo recently went viral, and the folks online cannot get enough of their adorable friendship.

Last week the pup and the pigeon were seen nestled in a dog bed at a nonprofit organization called The Mia Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to rehabilitate and rehome animals with special needs and congenital disabilities.

The foundation is run by Sue Rogers and her husband, Gary. Sue recently took some photos of the adorable pair with her smart-phone, and extreme cuteness ensued. Since then, the tale of Lundy and Herman’s friendship has gone viral, and journalists from every continent of the world have been trying to reach Sue, except, of course, Antarctica.

Sue needed to place Lundy somewhere momentarily, and a bed was nearby with Herman in it. Lundy was unable to use his hind legs for reasons that are still not clear. The dog had come to the foundation from a breeder in South Carolina.

Sue said that she had no idea how Herman would react to the pooch, and there was a possibility that the bird could snap the pup with his wing or peck him, so she put her hands between the two.

When Sue removed her hands, the reaction she saw from the animals was a very cute one. Herman looked at the canine sideways, and then Lundy tried to crawl over the bird.

Sue immediately grabbed her phone, took the pictures, and uploaded them on social media, and they just became massively popular.

Lundy and Herman now have their own account on Instagram, and they also have a deal for a book for children.

Image source: The Mia Foundations – Love For Mia via Facebook


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