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Kristofer Goldsmith was on his way to work when he saw an animal walking on the side of the road that he was driving on. He realized it was a dog but he became interested in it. So he stopped to see what the dog was up to.

Kristofer went near the dog. He was surprised that it was wearing pajamas that were blue and white in color. The dog was trembling but it was not surprising since it was quite chilly that day. Kristofer took the dog to see if it had any information about its owners.

He got a parachute cord he had in his car and tied it as a leash. He then took the dog for a quick walk to see if they can find where the dog lived. They couldn’t so he decided to stop what he was doing. He realized that this was not the dog’s neighborhood.

Kristofer then decided to take the dog with him. It was then that he checked the clothing the dog wore and he found contact information there.

He called the number and asked if the dog belonged to them. Turns out, he called a company. He was told that the dog was named Frosting and he was eight months old.

The company that Kristofer talked to had a privacy policy so they couldn’t provide any details about the dog and who it belonged to. He couldn’t bring the dog anywhere so he took the dog home with him.

To find the owner of Frosting, Goldsmith created a post on Twitter and shared the dog’s story. That way, he hoped that he would get details about Frosting or know where he lived.

The post had gone viral but no one came forward. Now, Kristofer takes care of Frosting. He still hopes that he could get the dog home but he made sure that he will give the dog a temporary home until that happens.

Source: Kristofer Goldsmith


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