Heather, a receptionist at Planned Pethood Adoptions in Denver, Colorado, was driving to work when she saw a loose dog running around on the freeway. She knew that it was a dangerous place for a dog so she picked up Susan, the clinic’s adoption manager, to help her get the dog to safety.

When they tried to catch her, the dog naturally got scared and tried to run away. They caught her in due time and brought her back to the clinic.

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Susan scanned the dog for a chip. Unfortunately, she had none. They could find the owners at once if she had a microchip. They had no choice now but to temporarily house her until someone would come looking for her.

Susan took the dog to Dr. Don Kraft for a physical check-up. The vet declared her to be in perfect health. Dr. Kraft surmised that she had not been on the streets for very long because she looked well-groomed.

Susan posted the photo of the dog on the local websites. She noticed that someone had posted a lost dog that looked like the one they found that morning. Susan called the number and talked to the owners, Nancy and Gary, who told her they would come over within five minutes.

Nancy and Gary arrived and immediately recognized their lost dog, Mika. It turned out that Mika wandered away from her home when somebody left the gate open. The couple had been driving around all morning looking for her. It was fortunate that Heather saw her when she did.

It was a touching reunion. The couple was childless, and Mika was all they had. They were very grateful to Heather and Susan for rescuing Mika.

Before leaving the clinic, they put a microchip in Mika for ease of identification in the future.

Source: Animal Planet via YouTube


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