Fur parents love their beloved canines so much that they’re willing to do everything to keep them happy and healthy. Fur parents make it a point to bring their dogs to competent veterinarians as soon as they notice something’s wrong.

However, it looks like a particular Siberian husky isn’t the least bit thrilled when he found himself attached to some tubes.

Where’s Mom?

In this video clip, one can see an adorable Siberian husky named Zeus lying inside its cage. However, unlike Zeus’ canine peers quietly snoozing to recuperate, the pooch starts howling loudly.

Even as Zeus’ wearing a pet cone, the upset pooch continues to whine and howl like crazy. Perhaps, in his befuddled state of mind, Zeus pines for the presence of his fur parent to give him comfort.

Zeus recently underwent surgery to take out a growth on his eyelid. As the procedure entailed injecting some anesthetics, Mom needed to leave her adorable pooch in the clinic for close observation.

I want Mommy!

As such, it’s entirely understandable for Zeus to feel bewildered. After all, the pooch went to “sleep” with Mom beside him, so naturally, Zeus wants to see her the moment he wakes from the anesthesia.

Since it’s not the scenario he expected, Zeus pines for his fur mom’s presence. With each passing second, Zeus’s howls began getting louder. Though at times the pooch stops howling, he quickly resumes his racket to gain attention.

Zeus even made eye contact with the camera, possibly pleading for the veterinarian to call his mom. With this, the veterinarian gave in to the pooch’s request.

Though one cannot see the actual moment fur mom came in, one can imagine how happy Zeus felt when she appeared. If you wish to see Zeus’ noisy racket inside the vet’s clinic, take a look at the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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