Howl of a Dog, a rescue organization based in Resita, Romania, responded to a concerned resident’s call regarding young animals crying among the tall grass and thick vegetation on a countryside road.

Initially, the rescuers who arrived at the location thought an animal had given birth to her young ones in the grass.

Upon closer inspection, however, they discovered something worse—a heartless person had put a litter of newborn puppies in a sack and then left them there to die.

Since that had been a rainy autumn day, the puppies would have died of either suffocation or exposure had the volunteers arrived much later.

The rescuers found that two of the puppies had managed to crawl out of the sack. They put them aside for the meantime and opened the bag, where they found four pups inside. Thankfully, all of them were alive.

The animal workers placed the six newborns in a cloth-lined box so they could keep warm as their bodies were cold from being exposed to the outdoors. Afterward, they combed the vegetation to check if there were any more pups, and they found one stuck in a clump of grass.

Sadly, four of the puppies died soon after the rescuers arrived at the shelter. However, the three who remained—Lizzie, Taz, and Bernie—not only survived but flourished under Howl of a Dog’s care.

Lizzie had some catching up to do as she was born smaller than her brothers, but eventually, she grew up as healthy and active as them.

Bernie was the first to be adopted. He traveled all the way to England and is now spending his days skipping with other dogs in the fields and befriending horses and cows.

Meanwhile, Lizzie went to her new home in Colorado, USA after spending nearly two years in the shelter. Taz also went to a family in England, and he loves lazing around on the couch with a canine buddy.

Watch Lizzie, Taz, and Bernie grow from helpless puppies to playful young dogs in the video below:

Source: Howl of a Dog on YouTube


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