Unlikely bonds between different species from the animal kingdom never fail to delight us, humans. In fact, these stories always prove popular on social media. They get shared countless times and blessed with thousands of hearts.

So far we have seen a lot of dogs befriending cats. You might even say such a bond has become a bit passe. So here goes a story that will shake up your usualĀ dog befriends cat narrative.

Meet the beagle, Molly. She has become the adoptive mom to a marsupial, a possum to be specific.

Photo courtesy of Nine News Sydney

Molly suffered from a tremendous loss. She saw the demise of her entire litter. To cope with her grief, Molly adopted a possum who came into her life just a few days after the loss of her litter.

The setting of this unlikely friendship is a cattle farm in Australia’s Western Victorian region. Poss, the possum, was orphaned and left to fend for itself. Thankfully, Molly the beagle gladly took Poss the possum in.

Now Molly and Poss are inseparable. Two humans, Sara and Elle Moyle, look after the beagle and possum tandem. Both Sara and Elle are fascinated by their pet duo.

This fascination is now shared by the denizens of the internet. After Molly and Poss’s story has been featured in different news outlets and shared on social media, the duo has become the symbol of admirable, if supposedly unlikely, friendship.

Although Poss sleeps up her residential tree, as soon as she comes down from her pedestal, she automatically hops on Molly’s back. The latter then willingly carries Poss wherever she goes. These previously suffering creatures have truly found happiness in each other.

It’s pretty obvious what we humans can learn from Molly and Poss’s story. For starters, there’s tolerance.

Source: Storypick.com


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