Moby is a lovely rescue dog who has a hard time finding his forever home due to some health problems. He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia which caused deterioration of vision and unsteady feet. Apart from that, Moby has a chronic kidney condition that requires him to have a special diet and extra hydration. Despite his health condition, Moby loves life and adventure.

Moby was given back to the shelter three times because his previous adopters could not provide the special care he needed. The shelter staff was starting to lose hope that he won’t be able to be adopted at all. Later on, a veterinarian assistant named Alex showed interest in Moby and formally adopted him. Alex had experience taking care of special needs dogs, so it won’t be a problem for her to take care of Moby.

Since the time that Alex brought Moby home, it was evident that he would do everything to be part of the family. However, Alex noticed that Moby struggled to get around, so she started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a custom wheelchair for him.

Thankfully, a lot of people help Alex in raising funds for Moby. He is now enjoying his life outdoors with his custom wheelchair!

Moby can be seen enjoying winter, chasing dogs at the dog park, and running in the open field. His Instagram account is full of his outdoor adventures and sweet moments with Alex.

Two years after his adoption, Moby crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He might only have a short life with Alex, but it was a life full of love, adventure, and zest.

Moby has inspired and touched a lot of people with his story. He is one dog who has never given up on life despite all the challenges that he has. Moby has shown determination and love to the rest of the world.

Photos courtesy of mobywobbles via Instagram


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