If you are a dog parent, you know that dogs love human food. They tend to eat so much that they are always at risk of being overweight. That is why it’s highly advised that dog parents should control the portions of the food being fed to them, and regular exercise should be done by our pups.

Dogs know that human food tastes a lot better than the kibble that we put in front of them. So whenever they get the chance, they would never hesitate to grab it and start snacking away. That is why, as dog parents, we should always be mindful whether or not our dogs would be able to reach food that is not intended for them.

Unfortunately for Liam McMahon and his wife Donna, they did not take the extra measure to secure the cake that they were in charge of. This led to the cake being eaten, by their black Labrador, Bella. The worst part is, the pup ate the cake on the morning of the wedding.

Liam was very concerned about Bella. The pooch consumed a lot of chocolate from the three-tier wedding cake, and we all know how dangerous chocolate is for our pups. Luckily, she didn’t show any signs of distress, and she was unaffected by all the chocolate that she had just eaten.

Liam and Donna told everyone at the wedding about what transpired, except for the bride and groom. So when the groom gave his speech and thanked Donna, his sister, for the cake, everyone at the reception burst out laughing. Much to the confusion of the newlyweds.

They were able to find a replacement cake that morning, so the wedding went off without a hitch. Although Bella had a few dog-shaming photos, at least she has learned her lesson not to mess with mommy and daddy’s food because it might not be theirs, to begin with.

Credits: BBC News


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