Winter is about to say goodbye. That means springtime is just around the corner. And as much as we all adore snow and how it turns our world quite magical, we love to welcome flowers and foliage, too.

If you are a dog parent, there’s much to love about the coming of spring. It means that you can go out with your dog more often, without having to worry about frostbite. Springtime means you and your pup can play all day under the kind of weather that’s neither too cold nor too hot.

To give you a reminder of how fun springtime could be, especially if you have a canine pet to keep you company outdoors, here’s a video of a dog frolicking in a field of flowers. It’s one of the sweetest things you’ll see today.

The dog in the video goes by the name Moksi. He lives in Amsterdam with his human, who’s always ready and able to take the dog out for playtime. This video offers us two things.

The first is a glimpse into Moksi’s happy and careless life as a dog. The second is a glimpse into how pretty springtime is in Amsterdam. Both are worth the minute of the video’s running time.

We are not sure what kind of flowers are in the video. But we can definitely say that they’re quite pretty and Moksi’s having a ton of fun running through them. This dog’s rather lucky to be living nearby such a lovely field of flowers.

Moreover, Moksi’s quite blessed with the fact that he gets to have his much-needed exercise, too. We commend his human for allowing ample time to get Moksi out in the field running. Dogs need to be active for them to stay happy and fulfilled.

Thanks to Patrick Vermuelen


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