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One of the most unbearable parts in the life of a dog owner is when his or her dog goes missing. It is one thing that every dog lover would not want to happen because for them, their pooch is part of their life, and if they go missing, it will leave a permanent void.

Galina Lekunova of Ukraine is no stranger to this feeling when her dog, Lord, went missing in 2017. She tried to look for Lord in the neighborhood and the near vicinity afterward, but all her efforts proved futile as the pooch was nowhere to be found.

The woman also reported the incident to the police and did everything within her power to find the missing pooch. But just like her first attempt, nothing happened. Two years after, however, her long search was halted as she is set to be reunited with his beloved pooch.

It was in June 2019 when a group of people from a local animal shelter made it known that the dog they rescued could just be Lord.

The group found Lord roaming around the street, and they decided to take him to the shelter dog to be taken care of since the dog’s condition was bad. The dog had emaciated body and mangy coat, which, according to the rescuers, were a hint that the dog had faced several hardships in the past.

The initial reaction of the group was to look for a permanent home which will take good care of Lord, but little did they know that the dog already had one – and that the dog has only gone missing.

The volunteers took a photo of Lord and uploaded it online. Two days later, a woman contacted them, asking the whereabouts of Lord because she is the owner of the dog.

To countercheck, the group told the woman to go to the dog shelter to see if Lord is hers. Lekunova appeared in the dog shelter, and the next thing that happened was a reunion of sorts between her and Lord.

It was the most touching thing ever as it was caught on camera. The dog immediately noticed Lekunova and hugged her, showing how much he missed his beloved human. Watch the video below.

Credits to МКП “Щасливі тварини”.


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