Dogs can sometimes act like toddlers. Although most dogs possess a considerate nature, others can’t help but crave for their fur parents’ attention.

With this, a particular Newfoundland pleads with all his might for fur mom to accede to his request.

I love what you’re doing, Mom.

In this video, Sebastian the Newfoundland lies supine beside his fur mom. While the pooch rests on the wooden floor, Mom suddenly starts giving Sebastian some belly rubs.

By the looks of it, Sebastian loves the belly rubs Mom’s giving him as his feet start twitching funnily. It’s almost as if the pooch finds it ticklish.

However, when Mom stops rubbing Sebastian’s belly, the pooch longingly stares at her, pleading with his eyes for her to continue. Sensing the pooch’s plea, Mom asks some affirmation from Sebastian.

Mom, please?

Sebastian wags his tail enthusiastically to show he wants Mom to continue. However, even as the pooch wagged his tail for the second time, Mom still didn’t accede.

Now that Mom wouldn’t give Sebastian belly rubs, the pooch starts throwing a fit. Sebastian then starts producing low-toned growls in an attempt to convince Mom. But, no matter how much Sebastian grumbles, Mom wouldn’t give in to his request.

The dismayed pooch then turns away from Mom and refuses to look at her. Sebastian’s determined to give Mom the cold treatment until she realizes her mistake.

Hey, where do you think you’re going?

Seeing the pooch’s reaction, Mom decides to ask Sebastian if he’s mad at her. Instantly, Sebastian answers her with low-toned growls while he turns himself to face Mom.

Mom immediately asked Sebastian for his forgiveness while giving him another round of belly rubs. Now that he got what he wanted, Sebastian could no longer stay mad.

But, as all good things must come to an end, this round of belly rubs must end, too. How do you think Sebastian reacted when Mom sauntered away from the living room?

If you want to witness the pooch’s hilarious reaction, feel free to view the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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