Brad Croft was very eager to look for a service dog which he can train becoming part of a K9 unit. Being the director for operations of Universal K9, a group which trains police and dogs to become successful K9 units, he felt compelled to have more dogs as part of the team. Hence, he took the chance to attend an introduction to a group of abandoned puppies in Kirby, Texas.

The moment he saw Kiah, a Pit Bull with a powerful character, he knew she is the one that he is looking for. Kiah’s story also touched his heart especially when he learned that the dog went through a terrible past. Kiah was hit in the head by a hammer multiple times by a merciless human before she was brought to the shelter.

Brad said it was amazing that someone can survive such beastly abuse. What makes it more wonderful is that never once did Kiah feel aloof or distressed even with the presence of people. She is still comfortable and still trusts people around her despite her negative experience.

He then decided to bring Kiah to his hometown is San Antonio, Texas, and started training her. It was a bit challenging to train her the first time, but it is noticeable how quick she can absorb the commands he is trying to teach her. It took him two months to completely train Kiah and get her prepared to work as a member of the K9 unit.

Currently, Kiah is assigned to the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department as an illegal drug and missing person identification dog. He is even considered as the very first dog of the Pit Bull breed to become a police dog in New York.

This recognition given to Kiah is a clear manifestation that no matter how absurd a previous situation is, it can still turn out to something positive with the help of others in the community.

Credits to Animal Farm Foundation


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