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The happiness brought by dogs is immeasurable, at least for dog-loving individuals. This is the reason why there is a tinge of sadness whenever a dog owner loses his dog in whatever way.

A homeless man in Memphis, Tennessee sure knows this feeling. Later identified as Anthony Rogers, the man living on the streets recently reported that his dog was missing. He realized that his dog was missing when the dog was not on his side when he woke up.

Rogers’ dog is a Pit Bull Lab mix, and he said the dog means the world to him. He named the pooch Bobo. When he realized that the dog was missing, Rogers asked his friends if ever they saw the dog. Unfortunately, none of his friends saw Bobo.

The dog owner then went to the police to report the incident. He and some police officers later posted flyers around the area in the hopes that someone saw the pooch. Rogers was brimming with positivity that he would find his pooch. Rogers also received help from his friends, who helped him in searching for the dog.

Rogers’ search for his dog ended when he received a call one early morning. It came from the Memphis Animal Shelter. According to the person he spoke with, someone found the dog. The animal shelter staff added that a concerned citizen informed them about the dog’s whereabouts. The volunteers immediately went to the place and saw Bobo there.

For his part, Rogers immediately went to the animal shelter. There he saw his beloved pooch waiting for him. Their reunion is rather heartwarming because the pooch showed so much excitement to reunite with his owner.

In a video uploaded online, it showed that the dog jumped for joy and wagged his tail excitedly when he saw Rogers. Happiness is also evident in Rogers’ eyes because he was smiling during the reunion. He thanked the animal shelter for helping him to make the meeting possible.

Credits to Memphis Animal Services.


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