Dogs are there for us even if we don’t ask for their help. They know when we are in need, and they do what they can to get us out of a bad situation. In turn, we help them out when they are in sticky situations too. This is a testament to our species being best friends, during good times and the bad.

Sometimes, our love for one another reaches to a point where we are risking our own lives to make sure the other is safe. We have seen thousands of stories on the internet about dogs risking their lives to save us, humans, and we, humans can hold our heads up high as we have done the same for them too.

Trinity Smith and her boyfriend Sean Nichols will have a cool tale to tell their grandchildren one day. As they have risked their lives to save a pooch high up a mountain summit that is deemed to be very dangerous. But as dog lovers, no summit is too treacherous if it means saving a pup’s life.

Smith has heard about reports of a whimpering dog heard near the summit of Mount Bross. She saw these reports from an online mountain climber community for hikers who take on mountains that are at least 14,000 feet high. She then asked Nichols to come with her, and he agreed without any hesitation.

The dog that they were looking for was Chloe, a 13-year-old dog who ran off with the neighbor’s dog. The pooch’s dad Larry Osborne has stated, their neighbor’s dog came back home, but Chloe was nowhere to be found. Osborne searched for her for weeks, but to no avail.

The hiker couple spent a long time calling out to the dog and climbing the summit. After several days, Smith found Chloe on a ledge. She grabbed her and guided her down to safety. Osborne immediately met up with Smith and Nichols to confirm that the dog they found was indeed his baby. It’s a miracle that she survived six weeks on her own up that mountain. She has lost 60 pounds, but what’s important is that she is back home safe and sound.

Credits: Trinity Smith


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