Coming home from school to see an unexpected gift is one of the most incredible moments in life. This brother and sister couldn’t have anticipated a life-changing present when they arrived home.

They probably didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. It was cold outside, so everyone was bundled up, and they looked forward to enjoying the warmth of their home. They were about to do more than just that.

Unknown to them, their dad eagerly waited with a Labramaner puppy to surprise them with. It was a black one, and he was currently wriggling on the floor, getting familiar with his surroundings.

The group finally arrived, and the shocked look on their faces when they saw the pup was worth all their dad’s efforts. The little girl exclaimed out loud that dad got them a puppy.

It’s like she had to say the words just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It’s perfectly understandable why. Yep, this one’s for you and your brother, baby girl!

To make the whole thing even more adorable, the puppy immediately ran towards the kids. He allowed the young boy to pet him. The little girl followed suit and then she ran to dad to hug him and say thank you.

There wasn’t any squealing involved, so it was a calm and smooth experience for the Labramaner. The young boy also went to dad to let him know how he appreciated the surprise. Well-deserved, dad!

Even mom was surprised at this grand gift. It’s safe to say that dad pretty much nailed the superhero award here. We wouldn’t be surprised if everyone did a little extra for him from then on.

Good job, dad, and cheers to your new puppy and friend for life. We hope you guys never stop making happy memories together. We look forward to more videos of your adventures in the future!

Photo and video credits to sam bellestri via YouTube


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