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Higher level education such as the university is stressful. Many students from different universities experience mental health-related problems, which sometimes result in poor performance in class and their degree programs.

To combat this kind of problem in higher-learning institutions and to help students cope up with their university problems, more schools think of a pro-active solution like putting in therapy dogs inside the university.

Several studies show that therapy dogs can alleviate depression and mood swings among young adolescents. In this sense, many school officials agree to make the university more open to therapy dogs.

Nottingham Trent University (NTU), a United Kingdom-based higher-learning institution, just recently employed its first therapy dog, Jimmy Chipolota.

A dachshund, Jimmy has a daunting task to make university students’ life bearable by bringing good vibes and happiness inside the university. Through his work, he is paid with cheese as treats, his favorite food.

The dog is not only the first therapy dog in the university, but he is believed to be the first pooch to be employed in this function in the entire United Kingdom.

His owner Debra Easter said in an interview that she believes that NTU’s students and staff can get the services of the dog whenever they feel down.

The owner, who rescued Jimmy two years ago, also believes that the well-being of these students and staff can be improved just by stroking Jimmy.

In his first week at work, Jimmy easily adapted to the university environment and started his job head-on. Easter said both students and staff enjoy the company of the dog since Jimmy is very friendly and funny.

At work, Jimmy sports outfits which include his favorite cap, gown, and bow tie.

Ever since Jimmy arrived in the university, Easter noticed that more and more students who are previously quiet and reserved would come talk and engage with the dog, thereby improving their self-esteem.

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