Every dog has a unique personality. They can be incredibly sweet or hilariously silly. And Elvis is no different, except, he seizes every opportunity to show how goofy he is.

Because Elvis is one happy-go-lucky pup, his mom, Mikaela Bätz, thought making some movies will be fun and exciting. And so, she ordered an action camera, a GoPro to be exact, to perfectly capture the pup’s unpredictable moves.

Using the special harness that came with the camera, Mikaela intended for Elvis to wear the GoPro. She was excited to see what the outcome would be. But she had no clue that Elvis was extra thrilled with what they are about to do.

One morning, while Elvis was out for a play, Mikaela decided to bring out the brand new GoPro. At the very moment the pup saw the camera, he knew he needed to give it a try. And it didn’t matter that Mom wasn’t ready, because he was.

When Mikaela showed the camera to Elvis, he quickly grabbed it using his mouth and immediately ran off. Mikaela chased him. But as she comes nearer, the naughty pup ran faster.

Mikaela was worried that Elvis would chomp the camera, so she ran like crazy. But the pup sprinted non-stop until he needed to pause.

His mom managed to catch up, but the GoPro’s his to keep. So he went running again until he was a bit tired and started slowing down. Mikaela took the opportunity. She sneaked up on Elvis and grabbed the camera back. But, of course, Elvis wouldn’t just give up his new toy without a fight.

It took several pulling and tugging, and a tad more chasing before Mikaela finally retrieved the action camera back. And while the shooting of their film didn’t go as planned, Mikaela was delighted that she and Elvis both had fun.

Credits to Mikaela Bätz via Storyful


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