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Do not judge a cover by its cover may be an adage, but its meaning is still very relevant in the current context, especially in dogs.

The physical appearance of a dog does not encapsulate the entirety of his or her character. A dog may be tough-looking, but this does not mean he or she is not capable of getting hurt or love.

Dogs like pit bulls receive so many discriminating notions just because they look tough. Take for instance this dog named Hickory who was about to be euthanized because of his appearance.

Despite this stereotype, there are many pit bulls who are the complete opposite of what people perceived them to be. They are loving, loyal, and capable of showing affection.

The poor pit bull Hickory did not have any idea that he will be put down because of this bad blood. Good thing, there was a person who drove a total of 2,000 plus miles to adopt and save the dog from being killed.

Mario Rodriguez, who is a pit bull lover, knew he had to take over the ordeal because he sure knows how the dog feels.

Rodriguez and his wife already had three pit bulls in their belongings, but one of them already died. This gave him a chance to adopt Hickory, who looked the same as his deceased pit bull, King.

Rodriguez was making rounds in California to deliver stuff when he received the information about Hickory. From there, he knew he had to do something. So he called Animal Care Centers in New York City to inquire.

He immediately told the staff at the shelter that he is willing to take the dog home and they should delay the euthanizing of the dog until he arrives.

Rodriguez then drove from California to New York to personally get Hickory. As soon as he arrives at the dog shelter, he was taken to Hickory’s cell, and the two instantly clicked.

Watch the heartwarming first meeting of Hickory and his new master below.

Credits to Pittie Nation.


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