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Jukebox and Agatha arrived separately at the Pima Animal Care Center which is in Tucson, Arizona. These two pitbulls weren’t friends at first but when they got to know each other during a playgroup, the two instantly became BFFs.

2-year-old Jukebox arrived first after he was rescued from being a stray. After a month, 3-year-old Agatha came when her owner decided to surrender her.

Kristen Hassen-Auerbach is the director of the shelter’s animal services and she said that bonded pairs in their facility are usually those dogs who have known each other before arriving at the shelter. But this wasn’t true for the two pitbulls since they just met there.

When they arrived, the two found it hard to adapt to living in a shelter. They became antsy and anxious.

When they found each other, they became BFFs which made shelter life more bearable. They even shared one kennel and even slept beside each other.

The staff knew that the dogs would have to be adopted together and that may be difficult. They tried separating the two but they just became sad and lost without the other.

A photo of the two dogs cuddling was uploaded on social media and it became viral. That photo reached Ubaldo and Erin Leon who found them adorable. They went to the shelter to meet the dogs.

When they did, they loved the two dogs. The dogs also found a connection with the couple. That sealed the deal. The couple adopted the two pitbulls.

When Agatha and Jukebox were brought to their new forever home, the two simply wouldn’t be too far from each other. They went exploring their new house together. They just couldn’t be separated!

Now, the two dogs sleep in a spacious spot in their warm home but they still do it beside each other.

Source: News 4 Tucson KVOA-TV


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