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At their young age, puppies often explore things differently. Since they have minimal knowledge of the world, some puppies often get themselves into trouble whenever they explore ideas. This unknown little puppy from Australia is no stranger to this narrative.

One day, volunteers from the Riverside County Animal Services received a call that a puppy stuck his head in a tire. When one of the volunteers heard of this, he said to the tipster that the event was somewhat stranger. The volunteer likewise said that they never handled such occurrence in the past. Nonetheless, the group of volunteers responded to the call and immediately went to the site.

When they arrived, the volunteers saw the situation. The little puppy’s head was indeed stuck in a flat tire. While it remains a mystery for them how the little pup did that, the volunteers helped the poor little dog.

The volunteers used oil to lubricate the dog’s neck. This way, it would be easier for them to set the pooch free. This technique, however, was proven futile because the pup still could not get the tire off from his neck.

Since the volunteers could no longer solve this ordeal, they sought the help of firefighters from a nearby fire station. They were told to transport the pooch to the station so that the firefighters would be able to help.

When the volunteers and the puppy arrived at the fire station, the firefighters immediately tried to take off the tire. The little pooch, however, was very wiggly. This forced the firefighters to sedate the puppy to make him calm. Soon enough, the firefighters were able to take off the tire from the pup’s head. It was indeed a peculiar case, but at least the volunteers and firefighters were able to solve it.

Credits to RivCO Animal Services.


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