Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, a non-profit animal sanctuary based in India, went out of their way to save a puppy in danger, never giving up on him despite the obstacles in their way.

The team responded to a call about a pup who was seen deep inside a sewer line. When the animal workers arrived at the location, they saw the dog’s mother walking back and forth near the waste pipe, desperately wanting to save her baby but not knowing how.

They tried reaching into a hole on one side, but the puppy was too far in. The young canine’s scared cries prompted the rescuers to hurry, so they looked for another way.

The men found a concrete slab that they could lift. One rescuer jumped into the dirty sewage water without hesitation, but he still couldn’t grab the pooch from where he was.

Luckily, there was one other cover they could raise, and this time, the little dog was within reach. The timing could not have been better, too; by the time the rescuer lifted the pup out of the wastewater, he had nearly drowned.

Hence, they had to rush him to the Animal Aid hospital. In a kind and loving gesture, however, the men gave the mama dog a moment to comfort the pup. After all, she had been worrying about her baby, and she needed to know he was okay.

The rescuers had to leave mama behind as she had two other offspring to look after, but her puppy was in good hands.

At the hospital, the staff decided to call the pup Barney, and they examined him thoroughly for injuries and other medical issues. Fortunately, apart from being cold and exhausted after his ordeal, there was nothing wrong with him.

All Barney needed was some rest, food, and water. So he stayed at the hospital for a few hours, lapping a big bowl of warm milk while the staff kept him under observation.

Of course, even if he was just there for a bit, the Animal Aid workers made sure to smother the irresistibly cute Barney with kisses and play with him.

Once they were certain that Barney had recovered, they drove him back to where they found him. Mama dog was thrilled at the pup’s return, and the rescuers could see the gratefulness in the wagging of her tail.

Watch Barney’s rescue here:

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India on YouTube


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