After hearing about the puppy with complications, Bill wanted to go and check him out. Monte, the dog, was suffering from a health condition that required the help of a high chair in order to eat.

Monte’s story

Animal Haven from New York City was a rescue facility for dogs. All of the dogs had their own uniqueness, and Monte was one of them.

Monte was suffering from a common disorder called Megaesophagus. This condition meant that he had complications with his esophagus that could lead to damaging the nerves.

To combat the disorder, the rescue used a makeshift high chair to would let gravity pull down the food that the dog would intake; doing this also helped in the digestion process of the dog.

Mata Wong, Director of Operations at Animal Haven, was in charge of feeding the dog and making sure he was doing okay. Whenever he was ready to feed Monte, he’d slightly open the door, and the dog came running to his high chair.

Monte tried his best to find a comfortable position on his chair, but he was too long and lean. He ends up just standing while resting himself on the high chair.

Even when he has to drink water, he’d have to be prompt up properly in the chair. After each meal, Mata has to wait at least ten minutes before he could let Monte out of his chair. This was tricky, considering that Monte was such an active puppy.

New friend

Bill visited the dog because he wanted to spend the day with him. He took Monte out for a walk and was amazed at how lively the dog was despite his condition. Monte also loved playing with the other dogs at the rescue.

If anyone just looked at Monte, they wouldn’t know that he had a condition. A lot of his personality comes out when he meets new people. He’s still a puppy with lots of energy, but he was also a perfect boy.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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