Perhaps there’s some truth to the saying, “the cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea”. Salt water contains healing powers that can give relieve anyone from pain, whether it be an emotional or physical kind. This must be the reason why Sandy, a stray dog rescued from the streets of Bimini Bahamas, was taken to the beach by her forever parents.

The water baby

It didn’t take long for Sandy to find her forever home when she was turned over to the shelter. Her new parents were given all the information they needed so they can take good care of her. The shelter also told them that Sandy is a strong swimmer, so they decided to take her on a boat ride one morning.

Sandy showed that she’s a certified water baby because she sat near the edge of the boat. Unlike other dogs, she showed no fear because she knew that water is her best friend. The rescued stray was having fun feeling the ocean breeze and looking at the waves when something caught her attention: a pod of dolphins.

A gift from the ocean

Sandy was ecstatic when she saw the dolphins. She could not stop wagging her tail. When the boat stopped, Sandy jumped in the water to swim with her new friends. The dolphins decided to play hide-and-seek with her. They huddled together under the water while Sandy looked for them.

She used all her limbs for swimming while looking for the dolphins. One of them forgot to hide his fin, so it was easy for Sandy to find them! It was interesting to see that Sandy’s presence did not threaten the dolphins. In fact, they lingered for a bit so they can play with her. To see Sandy swimming with the dolphins, watch the video below:

Credits to WildQuest



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