Many times, dogs saved our lives and proved that they could protect us regardless if it means sacrificing their own lives. There are already published inspiring dog stories which we can find in books and the internet and all of them feature the selflessness of dogs towards humans. In times of need, dogs will not hesitate to risk their own lives and their comfort to ensure our safety.

Today, it is about time that we also show the world as to how we appreciate the selflessness of our dogs by featuring the stories which involve humans rescuing dogs. It is an unusual sight, but by spreading these acts of goodness to the world, we encourage more people to treat dogs with kindness and respect that they truly deserve.

The following video is a compilation of rescue operations which features humans saving pups. Watch the video below.

The video above makes us proud to be humans. The said video only proves that humans also know how to give back to the goodness of these dogs. As time passes by, we learn that our relationship with dogs should be the give-and-take type. These dogs will put their lives on the line without hesitation to keep us safe. Humans should also do the same.

Our thoughts

Dog owners and dog enthusiasts should work hand in hand to spread awareness to the world that dogs are reliable creatures which we can depend in times of need. They can be our friends who will stay by our sides, keep us entertain and will ensure our safety. Thus, we humans should treat them equally and with respect. They have emotions and needs which we also need to consider and address. If dogs can give us unconditional love and affection, there is no excuse that we cannot do the same to them.

Source: YouTube via A Bit of Everything


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