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In the United Kingdom, several senior dogs die alone every year. This is an unfortunate development, especially to pooches in the animal shelters that do not get the chance to be adopted.

While this may be a sad reality, there was one person who would like to address this issue. A nurse by profession, Nicole Coyle founded the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project. Now a retired nurse, Coyle has the luxury of time to run this organization.

The aim of the hospice, according to Coyle, is to provide home and support to old and abandoned dogs. In the hospice, Coyle and her team try their best to give the dogs the happiness they deserve. Although she understands that these dogs only have limited time left, Coyle wants to, at least, let them experience joy.

Coyle, in a later interview, shared that she started this organization because she felt the need to address the needs of senior dogs. In the hospice, she makes sure that all the dogs there are given attention and the love they need.

Luckily, Coyle found like-minded people who share her aspirations for these old pooches. Coyle likewise shared that they provide shelter to old dogs in the Nottingham area. She said that their hospice is a haven for these dogs.

Coyle added that she gets ample support from her two kids and her best friend, Lisa Emmans. Her team provides the dogs in the hospice healthy meals every day. They also hold monthly birthday celebrations for their dogs. During these birthday celebrations, they tap McDonald’s as their food provider.

Furthermore, the dogs also get the chance to play at a nearby beach whenever there is a chance. For Coyle, it is one of the activities the dogs enjoy because of the water.

Coyle does not mind that she spends her money on the welfare of the dogs. According to her, she allots a £500 budget for each dog in the shelter.

Credits to Grey Muzzle Org.


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