Military dogs have got to be the toughest dogs in the world. They are trained to protect our troops, to detect bombs, and even to fight the enemies if needed. Fighting armed men with nothing but your teeth is a pretty tall order. But once the command has been given, they would never think twice about attacking.

One of these courageous dogs is Layka. She is a military dog that has been deployed to Afghanistan to work alongside our soldiers in our effort to combat terrorism. Layka has been hailed a hero, not just because she served in the military, but she has actually saved a lot of lives.

One fateful day, a firefight broke out between our troops and members of Al Qaeda. Ordinary dogs would definitely run and hide in fear of the loud noises coming out of the weapons being fired. But Layka isn’t your average house pet. She has undergone training all her young life for moments like these.

She was issued a command to attack the enemies, and she instantly leaped into action. She was able to neutralize several insurgents, but unfortunately, she was shot several times for her efforts. Once the firefight has died down, Sergeant Julian McDonald and his team rushed Layka to their base for her to receive medical attention.

The medical team saved her life, but one of her legs had to be amputated. Sergeant McDonald realized that without Layka, he and his team would’ve died in the field. To show his gratitude, he adopted the pup so that she can spend her retirement with his loving family.

Layka was a fierce warrior, but she was also a natural when it comes to being a pet. The first time she met Sergeant McDonald’s son, she laid on her back and let him play with her belly; a sign that she instantly trusted her newfound family. Sergeant McDonald explained that he felt that he owed Layka a great deal, and this is his way of thanking her.

Credits: National Geographic


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