Sophie Turner is known for two things. She plays the iconic role of Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. Also, she happens to be the wife of Joe Jonas from the boyband Jonas Brothers.

As Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner was able to pull off the delicate transition of her character from a naive girl to an empowered woman. By the latter part of the series, viewers get treated to Sophie as Sanya’s commanding screen presence. Her great acting work led to a much-deserved Emmy nomination, which, unfortunately, she did not win.

As wife to Joe Jonas, we have to say Sophie Turner is the more strikingly beautiful half of the couple. She literally towers over her husband. In their photos from red carpet events, Sophie’s blonde beauty complements Joe Jonas’ dusky appeal and vice versa.

In our featured video, we get to watch and hear Sophie answer fan questions. That is while petting a pack of puppies.

The video begins with Sophie Turner introducing herself. She explains what’s about to go down in the video, and we can feel her excitement. She then calls in the puppies hired by BuzzFeed for the interview.

The puppies walk on screen, and Sophie immediately gushes over them. For a while, we feel that she’ll ditch the questions and just spend her time playing with the puppies. She even does this adorable doggy talk, which we suspect is also the bedroom voice she uses with Joe Jonas.

Thankfully, our apprehensions are misguided. Sansa Stark delivers what she signed up for. She gamely answers fan questions while being distracted by cute doggos.

One of the more revealing questions Sophie had to answer is why she chose to advocate for mental health. She answers that mental health problems have plagued her family for a long time. It was a very personal cause for her.

Learn more about Sophie Turner. Watch the rest of the video.

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