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Dogs are lovable animals. Dogs can show their love not only to humans but also to fellow animals. Blakely, an Australian Shepherd, proves that this narrative is real. The dog became a temporary daddy to three tiger cubs who were abandoned by their mom at Cincinnati Zoo.

According to the staff of the zoo, they found the three tiger cubs alone in a forest. This is no longer a new development because Malaysian tigers are known for abandoning their cubs. For one, according to statistics, after giving birth to their cubs, the Tigresses would leave them for no apparent reason.

When the staff of the zoo found the three tiger cubs, they took the initiative to bring them to the Cincinnati Zoo. To their mind, at least they could look after the pooch. They also explained that the Malaysian tiger is already an extinct breed. There are at least 500 Malaysian tigers left in the world. This means there is a possibility that they go extinct sooner or later.

This gave the staff of the zoo more reasons to take care of the three tiger cubs. For them, they could still prevent the extinction of the breed while looking after the three cubs.

But the staff did not expect that Blakely would help them with this advocacy. When the tiger cubs arrived at the zoo, they are visibly anxious about their new environment. This is where Blakely’s hospitality came in. While different in so many aspects, Blakely was able to get the trust of the three cubs.

Soon enough, Blakely would stand as the temporary father of the three cubs. According to the volunteers, Blakely is very protective of the cubs, and he would often play with the cubs whenever he has time. While they did not expect this reaction from Blakely, the volunteers of the zoo are proud of the dog.

Credits to The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.


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