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Dogs can easily blend well with other animals. Since dogs are amiable, building a good relationship with other animals is already a walk in the park. These dogs at the Rocky Ridge Refuge in North Arkansas are no stranger to this narrative. The dogs became friends with a cow when their mom, Janice Wolf, adopted the former.

Ever since she was a child, Janice already wanted to have a place she will dedicate to special needs pets. When she became older, Janice has slowly fulfilled her childhood dream. She is now the owner of the Rocky Ridge Refuge, where around 50 to 60 rescued pets can be housed anytime.

According to Janice, she could still not believe that all her dreams are now a reality. But what is essential for her is to provide the animals with services they need. Janice recently added a new pet in her ranch, and that is a cow.

In an interview, Janice shared that the former owners of the cow dumped him. When Janice heard of this news, she summoned her volunteers to go to the place where the cow was and rescue him.

When the cow arrived at the animal shelter, the first thing that Janice did was to give him a name. Janice decided to call the cow Moonpie because of the cow’s visage. Since Janice is very busy with her other commitments, she could not look after the cow from time to time.

She, though, was in awe when her 12 rescue dogs took turns in looking after Moonpie. The dogs, Janice, even welcomed the cow wholeheartedly.

Janice said that she often sees her rescue dogs having a great time with the cow. Janice, meanwhile, earlier said that she had inhibitions with the cow. The reason for this is that the dogs might get jealous of the cow’s existence. But since Janice saw how receptive the dogs were, her fears were addressed.

Credits to Rocky Ridge Refuge.


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