To some adults, a routine check-up from their neighborhood dentist is not worth it. Whether it’s to tend to their oral hygiene or maintain their pearly whites, visiting the dentist is a common fear among patients.

Luckily, one dental office in Texas figured out the best approach to encourage more patients to drop by – for their own good at that.

Rather than switching out the d├ęcor, offering complimentary eats, or volunteering to hold their patient’s hand during the procedure, the staff called for a special kind of backup. While the applications for their newest co-worker came flooding in, they soon encountered exactly who they needed.

This is how Macie, a Poodle, rightfully earned her job as the resident dental therapy dog.

Before her career officially took off, Macie completed her good citizen training and obtained her therapy dog certification from a local Petco store. The personnel then let the dog familiarize herself with the dental office, and sweet, little Macie caught on with her work.

Visitors instantly noticed the clinic’s recent’s addition to their staff, as Macie adorably strutted the corridors doe-eyed with a small, purple bow atop her fluffy head.

The hospital coordinator, Ashley Contreras, believes that their therapy dog imparts a sense of calm towards their patients – especially in the operatory room amidst the intimidating dental equipment. As for Loreatha Carithers, one of the patients, she can positively vouch for Macie’s help in relieving her anxiety during her check-up.

If Macie isn’t nesting on patients’ laps to ease their nerves, she’s touring the office and receiving equally as much affection from passersby. To date, Macie has become such a star at the dental office, that patients started booking their appointments around her and request seeing her each time.

Check out Macie with her own segment on CBS below.

Source: CBS Philly via Youtube


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