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While some dogs dislike being given a bath, there are some who do. Most of them are the ones who love spending time in water that it becomes so difficult for their parents to make them leave the tub.

Zeus is known around the internet as the stubborn husky who would always be vocal about what he thinks and feels. What we don’t know about Zeus is that he loves getting baths.

One day, Zeus’ mom was preparing to bring her dogs outdoors for a walk. She found Zeus inside the empty bathtub. As usual, he was being stubborn. He seemed like he didn’t want to go out for a walk. He would rather stay inside the tub and get some refreshing water on his fur.

But mom thought that it wasn’t time for a bath so she didn’t get the water running. Zeus knew he had to do something. He started his adorable tantrum once again.

The dog howled and barked to tell mom that she should get the water running because he wants to take a bath. Mom is stubborn too and wouldn’t do that. She instead told Zeus to get out of the tub because they were going out for a walk. But Zeus is not too happy about it.

Soon enough, Zeus has understood that mom will not let down. He is not going to get what he wants. So he got out of the tub but he did so reluctantly. He has no choice but to follow mom this time since mom wouldn’t follow what he wants.

I’m pretty sure that Zeus got his bath later on that day or that week. After all, going outdoors for a walk can make a dog stinky and dirty. Good luck next time, Zeus. Today just wasn’t your time for a bath.

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