Make no mistake because dogs can be athletic, too.

The highlight of the game was supposed to be focused between the Apollos and the Memphis Express as the two teams battled it out in an American football match, Sunday night.

But during the half-time break at the Spectrum Stadium in Orlando, a dog stole the spotlight from these two teams. The scene, though, is equally entertaining as the match since the dog showed his incredibly amazing talent. That is playing Frisbee.

In a Twitter video posted by local reporter JC Carnahan (@JCCarnz), a fetcher tossed a Frisbee over an 83-yard (75m)  filled with more than 20,000 people watching. The dog, later identified as Eurie, ran towards the direction of the Frisbee and caught it with ease, much to the delight of the spectators.

Gary Duke, the thrower, in a tweet later that night could not hide how proud he is of his dog, Eurie. Duke currently works with the Halftime Dogs Flying Disc Show and is the Central Florida Disc Dogs Club director.

Meanwhile, in the Tweet of @JCCarnz, the public address (PA) announcer claimed that the catch by Eurie could be a world record.

Although impressive, the Guinness Book of World Records later answered to the Tweet and clarified it was not a world record. The record, per Guinness, is currently at 122.5m, a far cry from what Eurie achieved during the half-time break.

Other fans, however, were more ecstatic with the toss than Eurie’s catch. In several Twitter posts, fans called the toss ‘amazing’ and ‘spectacular’ for being on point.

The debate on whichever is more impressive between the toss or Eurie’s catch is no longer the issue here.

What the video clearly portrays is that animals, in this case, a dog, can give any human a run for their own money since they too can be athletic more than we can ever imagine.

The game was won by the Apollos, 21-17.

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