There are times when we need to stop ourselves from letting the world’s opinions affect us and our decisions. We should not let them set limitations as to what we can and we cannot do because most of the time, their opinions would not help us solve our problems. We should learn to make a stand and start deciding for ourselves.

Our featured dog for today should be every one’s inspiration. All the people who surround our little pup, including the doctors told him that his case is hopeless and there is no way that our little fighter can recover from this condition. Our featured dog was once a healthy pup and is capable of doing a lot of things. Like all other dogs, it used to runĀ  around the house and enjoys his time playing. He was such a ball of energy until he had an adverse reaction to a vaccine which affected his legs. He had a hard time walking after such incident, and the doctor informed his owner that there is a slim chance that he couldĀ  walk again.

Watch the video below.

The video shows us how determination can change one’s fate. The situation of the dog in the video seemed hopeless, and if he and his owner only listened to the opinions of others, they would not bother going through therapy and medication. However, the fighting spirit showed by the dog, and his determination to get better is truly inspirational.

Our thoughts

The journey of the dog towards full recovery and facing all the discouraging words are not easy. However, what the pup proved to the world is very exceptional. Trials are inevitable, and sometimes, no matter how hopeless a situation looks, we have just have to continue fighting and never give up.

Source: YouTube via The Dodo


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