Vacations give us happy memories and allow us to rejuvenate our tired mind, body, and soul. Holidays are also an opportunity for us to start a new journey and decide which roads we are ready to take. However, vacations also bring us a lot of surprises just like meeting an unexpected friend or pet.

Today, we will witness an interesting story between a woman on vacation who met a dog and instantly fell in love with it. Their story is full of hope and love which makes it very inspiring for everyone.

Watch the video below.

The video above shows how a person’s love and concern for dogs do not require time or place. When one sees a stray dog that needs help, it is an automatic response to help it in any way and to make sure that it would not stay in the same condition.

The girl in the video, Meghan, acted appropriately and made sure that the dog will never be alone and hungry again. When they found the dog, Rumba, they knew that it is hungry and thirsty as it lays on the sand. What surprised them was the moment when they gave Rumba some food, she digs small holes to hide this food. They thought she hides her food for the next coming days. This scene moved the couple and made them decide to help the little pup.

The next day when they are about to give her food for the day, they realized that Rumba was not alone. She has a puppy, maybe his own or just a close friend but they knew at that time that there would be two pups which they need to save.

Our thoughts

Helping these two dogs was not a comfortable journey for them, but through the help of other dog enthusiasts, it became possible. This realization only proves that if there is a willingness to help save more dogs, there should not be a time or a place for doing it. Let us grab every chance to help save dogs and make them live a more comfortable life.

Source: YouTube via The Dodo


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