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A dog that has a really charming smile was recorded on video. This video was shared online and plenty of hearts melted when they watched it.

The dog was a stray and it was rescued and brought to live in a shelter. It was up for adoption.

People who went to the shelter to look for a dog to adopt would notice this dog because of its charming smile. One of the visitors to the shelter, a couple, loved her smile and adopted her. She was then named Layla.

Nicole and Matthew became Layla’s new fur-parents. They said that it was the dog’s smile that got their attention. They also gave cuddles to Layla who would place her head on her mom’s neck. That made Nicole’s heart melt even faster. She knew that they took the right dog home.

Layla became a sister to three other dogs and one cat. She first met Lady, one of the dogs, and became friends immediately that they started playing. Sadie, another dog, gave her the cold shoulder first but soon warmed up. They soon became best friends. Brutus was the only male dog in the house and he was the hardest to win over. But he soon welcomed Layla into their family.

When Layla was at the shelter, she would flash her charming smile to visitors and even to the shelter staff who would go near her. Now that she is in a home that is warm and loving, she is even happier and her smile is even more prominent.

She doesn’t have to wander the streets anymore. Now, she goes on trips with her family and they love spending time at the beach. She and her siblings find ways to discover new adventures each day and they even include their cat sibling in their explorations.

Source: The Dodo


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