The people of Australia have long been waiting for the rain. The widespread rains across the country have brought them much-needed relief from the wildfires. Although the rain could not stop all the fires, it will at least help them contain the blaze.

In Western Australia, however, the Pilbara region became flooded by the rising creek waters brought about by heavy rains. A local family recently alerted the authorities about their missing daughter named Matilda. Her family owns a 368,000-hectare pastoral station, and both the parents and police feared that the rising creek waters might have trapped the girl. The three-year-old wandered off sometime in the afternoon and had been missing since then.

After receiving the report, the police officials immediately launched a land area search involving helicopters. It was not easy to spot the girl because the entire area was submerged in water. By nightfall, Matilda’s parents were already in a panic as another rainfall occurred.

Their search resumed the next morning. The girl was finally found safe about 2.1 miles from Noreena Downs Station homestead, where the family lives.

Wolfy, the family’s 10-month-old Jack Russel Terrier, was found together with Matilda and was believed to have stayed with her the whole time. The loyal dog must have followed the toddler and stayed with her throughout the night to keep her away from the rising waters.

When the rescue team scooped out the two from the muddy hole, Matilda was caked in mud but otherwise unharmed. Wolfy remained beside her, still trying to protect his little sister. The two were happily reunited with their family.

Pilbara’s chief superintendent, Kim Massam, commended the search and rescue team. He also praised the dog who stayed with the girl the whole time. The family paid tribute to their 10-month-old hero through their posts on social media, where they described him as the “goodest boy.”

Watch more of Matilda and Wolfy in the video below.

Source: ABC News Australia via Youtube


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