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In 2018, a pit bull named Ernie stayed for quite some time in the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. The one-year-old pooch received help from sponsorships that reduced his adoption fee. Even with this setup, the dog could not catch any adopter’s interest.

According to the shelter, the pooch needed a home where he is the only pet. This is because pit bulls are better off alone. This does not mean, though, that pit bulls are hostile to other dogs. The shelter wants Ernie to have a loving home where all attention is given to the dog. Additionally, being the lone dog in a household perfectly works for most dogs who came from shelter homes.

A UPS driver one day delivered several packages to the shelter. During this day, Jason Coronado met Ernie. Jason played with Ernie and called him to go up on his truck. The pooch gladly did and the pit bull never wanted to go down. It was only then when the volunteers of the shelter took the dog that Ernie went down of the truck.

This event sent a message to Jason. He thought of adopting the pooch for good because they instantly had a connection. After discussing his plans to his family, Jason told the center that he is interested in taking Ernie.

Jason then accomplished the documents needed for the dog’s adoption. Before transporting the dog from the shelter to his home, Jason made sure everything was ready. When everything is all good, Jason went to the shelter to pick Ernie up.

The dog was too excited to go up to Jason’s truck. He knew that he would already have a place he can call home. At the same time, the volunteers from the shelter were also happy that the pooch finally found his human counterpart. Before they left the shelter, Jason made a promise to the volunteers that he would do his best to give Ernie the life he deserves.

Credits to Cindy Grisanti.


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