Both dog and dog owners love ‘walkies’ especially when it’s not raining. However, there is a lot in this routine than you might think of. Indeed, it is actually a complicated process of negotiation that shows our excellent relationship with dogs.

Typically, the walk shows the historical society of animal submission and human domination. Besides, the walk gives the two a chance to convey their power within this unique relationship. According to recent research, the daily dog walk comprises a complicated negotiation at all stages.

For instance, 40% of homeowners in the United Kingdom own a pet, especially a canine. Among these dog owners, most of them are known to give their canines a walk. In fact, within the 12.8 years lifespan of dogs, the owners are estimated to walk an average of 23, 739 miles. By doing this, the owners are alleged to gain much more in terms of exercises in comparison to a frequent gym goer.

The Wonders of Walking

Walking is seen as a mode of transport for going to work or school. However, walking with your pooch is useful for physical and mental well-being. Besides, walking with a pet includes specific interactions. Just like other animals, dogs feel, think and have their individual personalities. You thus need to ‘listen’ and negotiate with them during the walk.

Some people walk with their dogs because they want them to have fun. In fact, some studies show that dogs enjoy much when they are out in the open, and it is here where they show their ‘dogginess’ best. While you may not like walking yourself, it is advisable to give your dog a walk regularly.

During these walks with the dogs, you will be able to tell what they like and dislike most. If you have a rescued or adopted canine, it is essential to show it affection by going for a walk. With this said, you should also try knowing where your dog loves walking, be it on the road, field, or park.
Would You Let Your Dog Off the Lead?

There are some aspects at play here, such as how the feelings of the owner impact the walk. For instance, some walkers that own large breeds of canines undergo anxiety in specific scenarios including encounters with small kids. These anxieties are known to impact walking patterns.

Fair-Weather Walkers

Various third parties may influence the walk with your dog. Most individuals do not like socializing with other humans as well as dogs. Indeed, some people believe that their walk would be stress-free and much more comfortable if their path was dog and human-free.

People who undergo busy lives typically want their walks done with zero distraction. One participant who walks with large packs of dogs says that walks with his dogs can be a nuisance to many. Therefore, he prefers finding a quiet place for walks to allow the canines freedom to run continuously.

We can say that a successful walk is founded on the mutual understanding between humans and dogs. Also, it is hugely impacted by those ‘others’ they come across. They may be happy to meet with some, while they are not with others.

Lastly, dog walking is generally about improving the dog’s quality of life. It is thus crucial to identify how people try to meet the demands of their dogs. When walking with a pooch, you will portray something unique about your relationship with these pets.


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