Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. A pet dog isn’t just for show. You need to care for your dog. Not only that you need to provide food for your dog, but you also need to take your dog out for walks. Essentially, pet dogs are family.

One woman in Texas learned about a dog being neglected by her best friend’s roommate. Upon knowing about this, she sprang into action and rescued the dog.

The woman, Maddy, learned about Rose through her best friend. Her best friend told her that the dog was kept in a crate for days. Sometimes, the owner would leave the dog, Rose, without food and that she just wasn’t loved and cared for by her owner.

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Maddy first warned the owner that he had to do something about Rose’s treatment or find a new owner for her. Sadly, the warning didn’t work, and she decided to rescue the dog.

When Maddy got to the house, she found Rose in a crate looking really sad. The owner wasn’t even in the house and left the dog with no food or water. Maddy decided to let Rose out of the crate.

Rose wagged her tail when she got out of the crate, and Maddy eventually fell in love at that moment. Rose even tried to muster a little bit of energy to give Maddy puppy kisses.

Maddy decided to foster Rose until she could find a new home for the dog that will give her the love and care that she deserves.

However, after a few weeks of fostering Rose, something changed in Maddy. Even though she was a broke grad student, she couldn’t bear the thought of letting Rose go.

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Rose just wanted to be loved and give love back. Maddy was hesitant at first but eventually knew that Rose perfectly fit in her life. She even took Rose to her parent’s house where they have strict no pets allowed in the furniture, which came out of the window when they met Rose.

Thanks to Maddy, Rose experienced what it’s like to be loved and to give love back. Rose no longer stays in a crate for days at a time but is free to run around Maddy’s house and free to love and receive love from Maddy and her parents.

Here’s a video of Rose and how she came from being a sad, neglected dog to a happy dog full of life and gives joy to everyone around her.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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